Chestnut Gardens Community Mobile Home Parks in Springfield, Missouri

Suncrest Properties manages Chestnut Gardens Community, one of our mobile home parks in Springfield, MO. Chestnut Gardens is located close to several large roadways in west Springfield, allowing easy access to the entire city for jobs, shopping, and more. It’s also minutes away from grocery stores, a public park, and many conveniently located restaurants, making its location unbeatable.

We are passionate about building a safe and beautiful property for our residents. Whether a community is composed of privately owned homes or entirely of residents on our trailer or mobile home rent-to-own program, our vision is to cultivate a community that each resident is proud to be a part of.

Ask about our 2-2-2 program!

Our 2-2-2 program exists to help mobile home owners with the costs of moving your mobile home. By agreeing to keep your mobile home in our community for two years, we will waive the lot rental price for two months and contribute $2,000 for moving costs. We understand that moving your home is a big production, and eager to help in whatever way we can.
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Rent to Own A Mobile Home

Several of the communities managed by Suncrest Properties offer lease or rent-to-own trailer and mobile homes. If you already own a home and are considering moving your home to one of our communities, we offer a special program to help with the expense of moving a mobile home. Please contact us if this applies to you.

Our communities are highly valued due to our dedication to:
  • Performing a background check on every resident. Sex offenders and felons are not welcome on our premises. This is to ensure the safety of our residents and protect their peace of mind as our properties often house families and vulnerable persons.
  • Checking credit scores and verifying employment income. Although this is information pertinent to maintaining the quality of our communities, a bad credit score may not automatically disqualify you. Please apply if you want to join our community regardless of your credit score.
  • Periodically inspecting each site for needed improvements. Whether a simple coat of paint or an overhaul of an outdated sewer or water system, we recognize our duty to our residents to improve each property. These improvements go a long way to improved sanitation, cleanliness, and the overall feel of the community.
  • Maintaining the grounds. We want our properties to feel like a park or campground. Trees will be trimmed or removed as necessary. Lighting and infrastructure such as roads will be installed and maintained. Beautifying the grounds increases the value our residents gain from our community.

When you choose to rent a mobile home or trailer lot in one of our communities, you can rest assured knowing that you live in one of our family-friendly mobile home parks that is safe, well-maintained, and constantly undergoing improvements. We offer options to purchase a home for cash or with a mortgage as well, which can help you build equity for long-term financial goals.
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Chestnut Gardens Community offers mobile home lots for rent in Springfield, MO. Living in a trailer community comes with a number of advantages, including increased privacy, more outdoor space, space for parking, flexibility for both interior and exterior decor, and building equity. Even at a similar price point to apartments and condos, living in a mobile home community is a completely different experience in many positive ways.

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Chestnut Gardens Community

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