Country Cabin Rentals and RVs Located in Historic Fort Scott, Kansas

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Suncrest Properties manages communities and RV sites scattered throughout the Midwest. Crossroads RVs and Cabins has RV lots for rent for long- or short-term, with each lot supplied with 50 amps of power. We also have AirBNB cabins to rent in the historic Fort Scott, KS area.

Our mission is to foster a beautiful, safe community where long- or short-term residents can enjoy their stay in a pristine campground among fellow campers. Whether you choose to come to our property as a visitor for a short vacation or to stay for a while, we are eager to offer a high-quality experience for each and every guest.

Fort Scott was founded in 1842 on the frontier during the westward expansion. It was abandoned, then re-inhabited multiple times, and played a role in American history, both during the westward expansion and as a stronghold against the Confederate army during the Civil War. In addition to its rich cultural history, Fort Scott is located in a beautiful part of our country, boasts a community college, and is within close driving distance of Kansas City, Kansas, where more urban amenities are available. 

Long-Term RV Rental Sites & Short-Term Vacation Rentals

If you own an RV that you plan to travel in, you can secure one of our 22 RV camping rental lots. We love the spirit of adventure our RV clients bring. There are many advantages of RV living, whether full-time or just for travel, including: 
  • Freedom. RV living means that you’re not tied to a mortgage and property, you have no obligation to stay in the same place, and you can pick up and move with very little notice compared to traditional homeowners. 
  • Affordability. With no mortgage or any of the hidden costs that come with homeownership, living in an RV can be an affordable housing option. 
  • Ease of travel. When you live in an RV, heading out on a road trip is extremely simple. If you own an RV, it’s likely you love to explore and see new sites.
  • Resale value. Living in an RV is an incredible experience, but if you come to a place in your life where you’d rather sell your RV, it’s much quicker and easier than selling a traditional home.
  • Social opportunities. RV living often lends itself to crossing paths with people from all walks of life. If you value learning from a variety of people, RV life is for you! 

At Suncrest Properties, we are passionate about providing top-tier services to our fellow travelers and adventurers here in the Midwest. Crossroads RVs and Cabins is an excellent location for cabin rental near Kansas City. Located in Fort Scott, KS, we provide both long- and short-term campsite rentals

 Camping in Fort Scott, KS
2152 Native Rd, Fort Scott, KS 66701

We strive to cultivate a friendly, vibrant atmosphere so our guests can enjoy every moment of their stay. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 888-750-8050 with any questions or for additional information today. 
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