Cedarbrook Mobile Homes for Rent-to-Own in Springfield, MO

Cedarbrook Mobile Home Community is conveniently located next to major roadways in Springfield, Missouri. This ideal location allows for easy commuting to many major employers, and is close to a sports complex, multiple grocery stores, and a gas station. Our vision at Suncrest Properties is to find ways to better existing mobile home communities until they become known as safe, beautiful areas that provide affordable housing for their residents. We want our residents to be proud of their community, and are invested in improving each site to meet that standard.
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Family Friendly Mobile Home Parks

Our vision for our mobile home parks in Springfield, Missouri is to improve these communities and cultivate an environment that families can be proud to live in. Building a reputation that shines a positive light on our communities is important to us and to our residents. By improving our communities, we create a beautiful space for potential residents to move their mobile homes into.

As an incentive, we offer our 2-2-2 program: a potential resident agrees to keep their home in our community for two years, and we waive their lot rental for two months while paying $2,000 towards moving costs. As we work towards the ideal family-friendly community, we:
  • Require background checks on all tenants; sex offenders and felons may not reside in our communities. Safety is a top priority, and ensuring that all residents feel safe is a basic first step.
  • Conduct credit checks and employment income verification, although bad credit does not result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Evaluate community systems such as water and sewer, as well as conduct needed renovations and repairs. Making sure that these systems are up-to-date and in working condition paves the way for better sanitation and an overall cleaner community.
  • Regularly make improvements, including landscaping tasks like tree removal and trimming, adding lighting, new roads, and painting buildings to create a friendly, clean environment. We understand that upkeep is important.
  • Install school bus stops to allow school children better access to public transportation, thus improving access to education. Our communities are meant to serve our residents, and improving access to transportation enables our residents better access to jobs and stores.
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Living in one of our properties comes with many perks and is a great intermediate step for residents who want to purchase another home someday. Some advantages include:
  • Increased privacy with no shared walls. Having a separate stand-alone residence means you’re less likely to hear your neighbors, or to be heard by them.
  • More outdoor space to enjoy than apartments or condos can offer at a similar price.
  • More freedom to make changes to interior and exterior decor. Owning a mobile home means you’re welcome to make your own decisions without worrying about landlords or contracts.
  • A guaranteed parking spot--an increasingly rare commodity in our city!
  • Building equity, which can increase your purchasing power should you choose to purchase a different home in the future.

Cedarbrook Mobile Home Community in Springfield, MO
1326 N Cedarbrook Ave. Springfield, MO 65802

If you don’t yet own a mobile home, they can be paid for in cash or with a mortgage; there are financing options available. Give us a call at 888-750-8050 or contact us with any questions or for any other information.

Give us a call at 888-750-8050 or contact us with any questions about this program or for any other information.

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